Here Is How I Make

 $500 - $5,000 A Month In Completely Passive Income Promoting Other People's Product

Newbie-Friendly - No Special 'Tech' Skills Or Experience Needed. Get Started Today And Make Money This Week!

All The Barriers LIFTED For You

100% No Product Buying, Packaging & Shipping!!!!

What we do exactly:

We run a business where you don't need to buy or ship any product or even create your own product.

We promote other people's products (softwares, Ebooks, Online courses, Weightloss products, Health Products etc) on platforms like Warriorplus, Jvzoo, and Clickbank and promote  to hungry buyers from countries like USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia etc and get paid in dollars yet get upto 60% commissions. Some even Offer upto 100% just so to get initial sale And upsell the Customer. Imagine making upto $12-$100 per sale.

 I've put it all up in a complete step-by-step 15 video series. If this is ok by you, I will teach you how from scratch with my training videos.

I showed in the videos how to setup USA and UK bank accounts to receive payment on Clickbank and Jvzoo, how to add your Nigerian Bank to  Warriorplus for receiving direct payment in USD.

Plus USA paypal training as bonus that will let you receive money and I equally showed you how to transfer it straight to your local bank account using my technique…

People Are Saying I Should Charge More Than N20,000 For This But you won't even Pay N10,000

Take A Look At The REAL PROOF

Here is a Screenshot Of one of My accounts With Warriorplus When I Started. I was making only a few sales a month.......

And Then I went to doing $332 in a month.......

And Now To Making $1184.03 in a WEEK!!!.......

So How Did I Move From Earning $17.85 A Week To Making $1184 A Week? 

I found a Strategy that works over and over again even for years to come. This strategy helps me to build up a customer base of people who are interested in a particular niche and then sell related products in that Niche to them over and over again!!!

The sweetest Part? Anyone Can easily duplicated this strategies in My training Videos and start Making Money As early as this week!!

Here Are Proofs That Any One Can Easily Duplicated This Strategies.....

A screenshot from one of my students who started Making sales 4 days After implementing The first FREE traffic source in the training!!!

That is about $25 in Just one Day. In fact you can see the timing, It's In less than An Hour And he built A list of Over 200 email subscribers in Less than 4days all  from FREE TRAFFIC and  he can sell to over and over again  !!! Below Is what He Had to say!!!

Here is Another From Mrs Catherine Who made Over $600 her First Month

“Money Might Not Be The Most Important Thing”…

But, when you are not making consistent MONEY AT WILL

Life Becomes Unbearable

Here Is What Is Happening To The Nigerian Naira Every Day

The Exhange From   A Dollar To A Naira Keeps Rising And It is obviously not Your Fault

But It Can Be To Your advantage If You Start This Business Today!!!.

Wouldn't It Be Great Having Millions In Naira Just Because You Exchanged Few Dollars To Naira?

Let's Covert My  $1184.03 a week and Mrs Catherine's $611.76 in a month  to Naira

That is N459, 260 weekly and N236,750 Monthly respectively!!!.


ClickBank is Not Left Out. Here is My Monthly Earnings From Clickbank

Over $300 in A Single Month And Here Is A snapshot from One Of my Student  Ajibola Who made His First $24 on clickbank same week of Getting this course and built over 62 Email subscribers of Hungry Buyers Same Week

Another Of my student Precious Started Making Consistent $20-$30 every single Day

I want You to Pay Very Close Attention To Every Single “WORD” on This Page… Because AM GOING TO SHARE EVERYTHING WITH YOU!

Affiliate​ Marketing Is A Type Of Perfomance Based-Marketing

It Is A
Multi Billion Dollar Industry!

You Can see How The Market Keeps Increasing And Has No signs Of Slowing Down Any soon!!!

Comparing to $5.9 billion in 2018 - it will increase by $2.3 billion (39%) in the next 3-4 years. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The idea behind Affiliate Marketing is that you(Affiliate) promote other people's product, often through An Affiliate Network(Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus etc.), Earning A commission When people buy the Product thanks to your Marketing.

 If you have no product and have no money, then you can promote a product that you feel has value and earn

an Income from it as an Affiliate.

Here is How it works

On Youtube, Instagram, Facebook... you'll see 19 year olds getting super rich, people who failed at everything else online finally living the internet dream, even business owners who filed bankruptcy are bouncing back, traveling the world all because of Affiliate Marketing Business.

But There Is A Problem!!!!

Platforms used for payments and management of this global phenomenal business don't allow Nigerians and a few other countries. Platforms Like Paypal...

PAYPAL is a global payment processor, in fact, an internet BANK that even banks rely on this days to feed well, due to the numerous holdings. If you have access to a working PayPal business account, you are able to receive money from anyone in the world. As a Nigerian, you can only use a fraction called INDIVIDUAL PAYPAL ACCOUNT, with this you cannot RECEIVE money from anyone.

Yes, you could have access to the BUSINESS PAYPAL account as a Nigerian to receive money, but You have to pay our big bros them at least #90,000 to get this in Nigeria. 

Secondly, Affiliate Networks  Like ClickBanks Do Not Allow Nigerians To Set up An Account With Them And Even Though Most people Find A way Around It. Their Accounts Will Later Be Blocked. I also Had to think Of ways to Get Paid By clickbank Because they only accept Wire Transfer So getting A USA and Uk bank Account was a Major Problem 

After  The Account Creation And Payment Methods Where settled, I had to come up with A strategy that could Gurantee me making sales repeatedly, every single Day....

That would of course Involve building An email List of Hungry Buyers With Free Traffic or Very Cheap Clicks Especially From Tier 1 countries Like USA, CANADA, UK etc.

The Traditional Solo Ads Vendor Charge As High As $90 Per Clicks  And  that is too expensive!!!...

 In This Affiliate Marketing Business Your Email List Of Buyers IS Your Number One Asset!!! The Number Of  Quality Email Subscribers You are Able to Build Correspond to The Amount You will Be Making In A Day.....

How To build  Relationship with my email subscribers and Write Quality Emails that would compel them to buy the product I'm promoting was a major Problem as well.......

These were my biggest problems when I started…

In fact you can pay me via paypal right here in Nigeria. A few internet marketers do receive money, using VPN connections which is illegal!

I don’t change IP before accessing my paypal… The training I will be giving you for FREE as a bonus.

Watch me send this morning's earning to my bank here in Nigeria in Such A Covid-19 Period

People Are Saying I Should Charge More Than N20,000 For This But you won't even Pay N10,000



YES, I have finally decided to open up my secrets on how I set up and successfully enjoy AFFILIATE MARKETING BUSINESS right here in Nigeria.

Affiliate Income Machine  is a complete A to Z training for making money online that’s brand new and 100% newbie-friendly. You will Have access to setup all the payments method you need to receive your money . If you’ve ever struggled to get traffic or make affiliate commissions, this never-before-seen money-making training changes everything. With it You can live the FREEDOM LIFE that you've always wanted.


  • Introduction: The entire Business Concept will be explained From Scratch 
  • Email And Affiliate MArketing Explained: How to MAximize Sales By Setting Up Email Follow-Up Sequence/Campaigns
  • Essential tools And Softwares Needed to Automate This Business 
  • Niche Selection: The Best Three Evergreen Niches To Focus On 
  • Setup Local Bank Account On Warriorplus
  • Website Installation
  • Squeeze Page Design
  • Introduction To Auto Respondant
  • Affiliate Campaigns
  • Free Traffic Source 1
  • Free Traffic Source 2
  • Paid Traffic Source 1
  • Paid Traffic Source 2
  • Launch Jacking: The Blog Review Method
  • Set-up Uk or USA Bank Accounts For Receiving Funds On Clickbank
  • Set-up Paypal Accounts That Sends And Receives Money In Nigeria And How to Withdraw Straight To Nigerian BAnk Account

People Are Saying I Should Charge More Than N20,000 For This But you won't even Pay N10,000........

Get ready to rain in money... And I don't mean Naira! I MEAN RAW DOLLARS!

These Type OF Raw Dollars Daily, Weekly, Straight To My Nigerian Bank Account, Yes Not Just With Paypal Now but Direct Transfer.......

Watch The Testimonial From Victor Below.......

Testimonials From Telegram and Facebook Group.......

People Are Saying I Should Charge More Than N20,000 For This But you won't even Pay N10,000...........

Hello dear Friend, my name is Abokhai Joseph. I bring to you GOOD NEWS. Exactly what I do to bank series of real raw dollars and enjoy them right here in Nigeria is why am writing to you.


To help you enjoy your SELF ISOLATION in response to COVID-19


No job can cover prerequisite standard of living costs!

Even though someone is enjoying the profits while you are dragging your tongue out to have a drop of the profit you generated for him or her!

But, you don't have to blame the person, start your own by simply carving a slice in this multi billion dollar industry!

I don’t care what you do for a living; be you a banker, lawyer, civil servant, hotel attendant, seat at home mum, A STUDENT or NO INCOME SOURCE AT ALL… THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR LIFE.!!!

This Training Will Take You By The Hand and Teach Every Single Thing About This Business and, I Will Surely Watch You Over The Shoulder To Implement This In At Most

3 Days!

Heck! Even A 65years Old Granny Can Do This Business... Who doesn't know how to copy and paste Emails??? Because That's All You"ll Be Doing!!! 

​What You'll Get When You Purchase Today

The Exact Secrets That I am using To Make Over A $1000 Monthly is what you will Be getting when You Buy Today! As soon As you click The "Get Instant Access Button, Create Your Username And Password And Login to start Taking The training! No Waiting Whatsoever.


You will  Be Added To My Telegram Group Of over 200 Persons Who are already Making Alot Of money From This Business And I will Always be There for Support

You Will also Be Getting Two of The Best Website Builder Plugins Worth Over $150 To quickly setup your Squeeze And Landing Pages

PLUS: $100 Worth Of Advertising Credit To start Running Ads Immediately Thats Ofcourse If you don't want the FREE TRAFFIC METHOD


People Are Saying I Should Charge More Than N20,000 For This But you won't even Pay N10,000

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